Friday, 25 May 2012

I Love Sunny England....

May Maddness

 'Bags Of Hope'
 Boomerang Boys
This month, has been a crazy one. Hence not so many blogs on here as usual.

We have started another Boomerang project night, in a different location In Bedworth. Which is so exciting. Lots of new faces and people to get to know, and hopefully begin a journey with them.

Also we have seen an increase in donations both in and out, of our 'Bags Of Hope' which we give out, full of toiletries (toothbrushes and soap) and instant food like Nutri-Grain bars, and Tea bags, (my input) and we feel we are only starting to see a small part of the local need.

Also we have been trying to organise a team of Voluteers and Boomerang attendees for a charity bike ride, which happens in 3 weeks, to raise some much needed funds for the project.

Add into this Boomernag Alpha, Bible study and a few fancy dress parties, its been a good month. and its sunny. Happy days.

Happy weekend people. x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Brighton/London Adventure..

Just got back from a few days from my first time in Brighton with the Fringe Festival in full swing. (which I loved) and some time in London.

Highlights include seeing the sea,eating chips on the pier, the Festival vibe, eating at Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Recipease and in London seeing platform 9 3/4. which I have been wanting to see for a very long time, to the point that I actually made a complete fool out of myself when I saw it, I screamed, jumped and then galloped over to it, in front of all the cool London city peeps. but it was awesome.

Back to normality for me.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Judged by association.

There have been very few times when I have got a sense of what its really like to be on the outside of society. But tonight I got a tiny feel of it.

Before the church opened for helping and feeding people in our Boomerang project, I decided to nip into town to get some food, as I was walking into town by the main centre, I heard about 3 people all shout my name, and there by the fountain was a group of our weekly attendees.
Some were busking, others had been on the beer for a while, others just passing the time, but all were loud and lary, joking laughing and generally trying to keep warm. As I joined their group and sat with them for an hour, I started to notice the looks in the eyes of the passersby. As I was assumed to be one of them, I really started to notice, the look of disdain or stared at, but not  looked in the eye, by the shoppers and workers.

Later on I had to buy some Yorkshire puddings, for their food and some of them deiced to join me, but as I went into each shop I noticed none of them would cross the border into the shops, then it struck me, they are baned from alot of the local shops and once inside the shops, the staff were weary of me.

After that we went and got a few cups of teas in a local cafe, again the looks from the staff, was one of annoyance and alarm..

It's amazing, I don't feel like I am cocooned from the more colourful people of our society, but then I spend time with them, and then never cease to re-adjust me into a new perspective . I am protected by my comfort.

 The people from the boomerang project really do bless me.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


A few days ago I went to see a film with a friend, in one of our local arty cinema places.
To be honest I wasn't really expecting too much, I thought it would be a cheesy christian film.

But I was blown away, it was fantastic. Below is an description of the film..

'Port Talbot is in a battle for its life. Authoritarian forces have taken over and the town is in thrall to ICU, a sinister and merciless corporation depleting the town of its resources with scant regard for the residents. The atmosphere is explosive. Resistance is inevitable. When a company man and suicide bomber clash on the beach, catastrophe is only averted by the intervention of a softly spoken man who had disappeared 40 days earlier. Revealed later as the Teacher (Michael Sheen), he attracts followers and becomes a focus for the Resistance. His influence quickly draws the attention of ICU, who perceive him as a danger who must be removed at all costs. Taking inspiration from one of the defining narratives of our times, this contemporary re-telling of the Passion story took place across the town, with the people of Port Talbot as its cast, crew and heroes.'

I can not say how much I enjoyed this film, to the point, where I might actually send the director a letter, ( I am that geeky) but it just spoke to me immensely, about the crazy love and awesomeness (not sure if that word exists) of God.

If you get a chance to see this film, please do...

Best part Jesus and the disciples having a beer in the local working  men's club, where Jesus is asked to pick out the raffle ticket, and then they watch manic street preachers sing ' Design for Life.' Flip yeah!