Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Good Tuesday.

Today was a rather mad crazy amazing day.

It started out with me going to a meeting ,I had arranged with a man, who wants to get free from alcohol, so we arranged to meet up at church, to go to a special doctors to get him into a recovery project.but he was a no show, this happens alot in my work, so we pray, give it to God, and ask that he would still be moving towards recovery.

A few hours later I find myself in going into a local club, which I have never been in before, as soon as I stepped in, I felt, just a heaviness trying to crush me. At the bar, I stand there being ignored and as soon as he looks at me, I announce I am from church down the road, which he responds with  a smirk on his face. I totally felt in the devils play pit. it was crazy. The 70 year old bar man then decided he wanted to try and make me feel as UN-comfortable as possible by saying dirty stuff, and trying to see my reaction, whilst screaming at Jesus to help me inside my head. I told him 'God loves all people' and walked away shakily, awakened to a new place where I am going to put a bulls eye on with my prayers.

After heading back to base. and having a cuppa of tea, one of our lads who has been with the since day one, asked if he could give his life to God, (he freakin asked us!). So I sat with him as gave his life to God. ( I am now crying as i write this again). 10 minutes later another guy  who hadn't known what had gone on with the first guy, also gave his life to God.  whilst all this happening I was trying to control my tears. 

I am now sitting down, amazed at Gods timing and work. and I can say I am actually so privileged that Gods allows me to do this.

Today truely was a heaven shaking day.

right I need to go and re-apply my makeup...

Monday, 25 June 2012

44 years in the waiting...

Last weekend one of our guys from the Boomerang Project came to church . The Gentlemen hadn't stepped into a church in 44 years ( in the last week he's been in twice) and when he came in the first thing he said was 'where are the pews' . He then said it looked more like a concert than a church, as he had been made to go to his local church when he was a young lad.

Throughout the whole service, he listened and stood. And when the collection box came around, I told him he didn't have to put anything in, its just for the regulars, ( to be honest, I felt bad ,as this guy is homeless and didn't want him feeling poor inside the church as well) but he turned to me and said, 'its the least he could do for God, as his people have been doing alot for him lately,' at which point I started to get teary eyed, so stared at the ceiling for half an hour.

Of everything that day one of the comments that stand out the most is when he said, it was the atmosphere of love and friendliness inside the building that he liked most. It was great to see church people make a bee line for him, and rejoice over him, Its like God opened people's eyes to see him and gave out bucket loads of boldness to introduce themselves to him.

I will be seeing him tonight and I am sure he will keep going on about these amazing coincidences that keep happening to him. Last week he said 'right now, his drug is life', he said he's 'enjoying life again'. How good is God  and his church when we see people through his eyes.

A God of Recycling..

Last weekend, some of our boys from the Boomerang Project, did a sponsored bike ride, in aid of trying to raise us some much needed funds for the project. The lads mission was to ride from southport to blackpool and back in one day all together they did 80 miles.

They helped us raise alot of money,  its amazing to see some of the lads lives, that first come to the project in need and pain, turned around and now they have a passion for helping others who are in the situations they were once in. I LOVE IT.

God really does restore and recycles old pains into new Love.

These Lads show that. 

What An Amazing God. x

Monday, 11 June 2012

Garlands For God..

'See those people polishing their chariots,
      and those others grooming their horses?
      But we're making garlands for God our God.
   The chariots will rust,
      those horses pull up lame—
      and we'll be on our feet, standing tall.'

- Psalm 20:7-8

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Boomerang Dress Up !

Tonight at Boomerang, a few of the lads decided it was dress up time, and tried to find the craziest outfits in the clothes donations rails and strut their stuff around the church. A few 007 styles, one lad in a dressing gown, and I found an awesome 80's ski jacket... fun times were had. 

Good Times. x