Friday, 30 April 2010

Bouquet Of Blessings!

As the day for my Departure grows ever nearer and the teary eyed goodbyes begin. I take the time to stop and look and am amazed at all the people who on a daily basis, bless me... Its amazing that once you take time to ' stand and stare' (from the Poem, Leisure by W.H Davies) you realize just how many positive givers there are in my life.

Having worked in a Christian Bookshop my fishing net of good givers , seems to go a lot further than most. From people who i see on a weekly basis, like the legendary Mr Cooper, always bobbing around the shop in his trademark tweed hat, having a listening ear and valuable words of wisdom, to Gerald who is very funny, but challenges me in a good way, to Mr and Mrs Shaw 2 people who, when you look at, you just become inspired, you know they have and still, fighting the good fight, there are so many more i could mention.....

and in the last week alone Gods provision has gone into overdrive (i am not complaining i am rejoiceing). From being given a nice new Phone with £80 of Credit on (my old phone has 0 credit on) to free itunes vouchers from 2 different people, from customers buying me books i have mentioned, to putting money to and buying me bibles for Ibiza , as well as friends doing my CD's and DVD's.

Today at work was a particular good example, an older lady came into the shop looking for a prayer book for her friend, i suggested a few but when she saw the prices she shyed away, right then and there the holy spirit zaped me 'Bless her' so we gave her a prayer book for her friend for free saying 'be blessed, it's a gift from us, it's free for your friend' well at first the lady cried then would not accept the freebie, she was quite adamant that i take some money for it, after argueing with her, to put her money away, she was finally convinced by my charms to take it, or so i thought... but 2 minutes later she returned with a big bunch of Flowers , which she had brought with the money for me.which kind of defeated the whole object, but her heart was in the right place.

Right now the flowers are in my kitchen and i sit looking at them, thinking that blessing are a 2 way streak, God made them to be given and accepted freely.. The biggest gift which Jesus paid the highest price for is free. Billy Graham said ' we have 2 hands one to recieve with and one to give with' why do some us find it easier to give and others easier to recieve? But i think it should be equal measure, if everyone gave alot everyone would recieve alot.

So i urge you to do and ARK today.. (for those of you who don't know what an ARK is , see the films Bruce and Evan Almighty,, it means an ACT OF RANDOM KINDNESS )and lets see what happens.

For all those who have and still are sowing into my life THANK YOU! With Gods help i will turn it around and bless other people through it., and as for my season of abundance 'Long may it continue'

Go Forth all you UnderCover Blessers.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Oliver Peoples

Check out the above 2010 Campaign for 'Oliver Peoples' (american glasses/sunglasses company)staring Shirley Manson (from Garbage) and Elijah Wood.

The music and the syle is Cute!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

She hides like a child...

'She can kill with a smile, she can wound with her eyes.
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
and she only reveals what she wants you to see
She hides like a child, but shes always a woman to me'

The above lyrics are from a old 1970's billy Joel song.. but right now is on an advert on TV for a certain store, sung by Fyfe Dangerfield (lead singer of guillemots).. I just love the words.. Every time it comes up my mum turns the volume up ans sings to the top of her lungs... the song is beautifull just for that!

The Song is about a women he fell in love with, for her oddball bits as well as her flaws... Despite all her crazy dodgy bits he was still completly besotted...

I thank God that he sees us like that, in all my flaws and uncertainty of myself, he is constatntly in love with me... he Flippin 'delights in me' I think that when i have a 'Special Claire' moment he just looks on and smiles and says enjoy being who i made you to be....

Hi i'm Claire..She hides like a child, but she is always a daughter to him!...

below is the link to the song ..Enjoy X

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Found this quote on the 'Peace Wall' in Belfast.. I love it !

Monday, 26 April 2010

' Heaven holds a sense of wonder, and i wanted to believe
that i'd get caught up, when the rage in me subsides..

In this white wave, i am sinking, in this silence,
In this white wave, in this silence, i believe...

Silence By Delerium.. Top Tune...

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Silence and me..

The Art of silence and it really is an artform, one that has to be perfected and worked on, like an artist works on a drawing, sketched, rubbed out to be drawn again, more an artform that i am trying to become more aquainted with.. not only know it but i want to know it well.

Me and silence have never really got on well, he's kept himself to himself and i leave him alone, but it seems of late that conversations have started once again, not full on but small 'passing by in the street' kind of talk, which is talk non the less. I am currently giving myself a target everyday to sit and be still with God..and each day i plan to stay with him a little longer. (yes for those who know me even a mintue of silence with me is an act of God).Sometimes when i finish i know i have thought more about turkey sandwiches than i have about God, But i am trying and i actually find it really inspireing. From this i have come to the conclusion that i am the major talker in mine and Gods relationship, i talk he listens, and i havent really given him a chance to get a word in edgewayz, but i feel a shift starting to come and am looking forward to what God is going to say.

So far one significant one vision and topic has come up...which has been really helpful. I know this form of listening goes against my body completely and its a fight, but its time to make it an equal partnership. I always remeber what MO. T (mother Teresa) said (forgive me if i quote it wrong) . When asked what does God say when she prays? 'Nothing she says, he listens' then asked 'what do you say when god speaks to you? 'nothing i listen'.

So i start this summer with dreams of finding balance in everything. Prayer and Praise, speak and listen, Dance and sleep, sunshine and shelter, getting filled up so i can pour out..So welecome to my blog and here if your reading this your either lost, curious or a friend. If the 1st press the back button or close and start again (theres a preach right there) if the 2nd 'Hello' i am sane i promise and if the 3rd, Please (if you like praying) Pray for healthy equal measures over the summer... and also my time with God that it be many, that it be nourishing and that i keep it shut for and let him be this thing that is my life!

Heres to the journey!